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Precision tubes and services

Precision tubes

Dimensional norms

EN10305-1 / DIN 2391
Precision seamless tubes - cold drawn

EN10305-2 / DIN2393
Precision welded tubes - cold drawn

EN10305-3 / DIN2394
Precision welded tubes - cold sized

EN10305-4 / DIN2391-1630
Precision seamless tubes - cold drawn for hydraulic and pneumatic power systems

EN10305-5 / DIN2395
Precision welded tubes - cold sized to square and rectangular shapes

Steel grades

Steel grades according to EN norm: E195, E220, E275, E235, E355
Steel grades according to DIN norm: RSt34-2, St35, RSt37-2, St37.4, RSt44-2, St52, RSt52-3
Heat treatment according to EN: +C, +LC, +SR, +A, +N
Heat treatment according to DIN: BK, BKW, BKS, GBK, NBK
Certificates according to EN10204: 2.2., 3.1

Non-standard dimensional norms and steel grades

ASTM, BS, JIS, UNI etc. on enquiry.

Use of products

Precision tubes are used in a wide range of automotive products. E.g.:

Motor parts - shafts, drive shafts, fuel systems, fluid handling, bearings, chassis, axletrees, stabilizers, power steering cylinders, air-bags, shock absorbers, exhaust systems, reinforcement, car seats, etc.


Tube processing

Precise cutting
Brush deburring / vibratory grinding
Milling, turning, bending etc. on enquiry
Surface finishing with verified partners


Service and Partnership

Through concentration and specialization of activities like procurement, processing and logistics, we achieve high cost efficiency. Partnership with us will allow you to concentrate on your core activities.


Safety stock storage
Packaging tailored to customers needs
Special logistic solutions
Deliveries Just-in-time

Quality management

By Quality we understand the complex set up of the system which is unconditionally reflected in all the activites of our company. Our product and deleiveries are driven by ussual principles and standards in automobile industry. Our system of quality management is certified by TÜV NORD according to the standard ISO/TS 16949:2002.

Communication and Accessibility

We are proud that all our co-workers are easy to reach and we always try to react on any situation as soon as possible.